Momjan is a small Istrian town known for its rich history and was first mentioned in 1035 in one of the emperor’s documents. In the 13th century, the Momjan Castel was constructed with four fortresses and one is still preserved today, together with the remains of the city walls. Momjan's micro-climate is favourable for olive, fruits and vine growing which is the reason that the entire area has been given the name of the Empire of Muskat wine. It is believed that around 1200, this sort of wine was brought over by peasants from Italy and over the centuries it grew into the local hills. Due to the peculiar climate and soil, it has transformed into a new wine sort, well known and appreciated on Italian and Viennese scenes. Momjan's Muskat wine is dry and sweet, with an intense golden colour and it represents as a true wine delicacy that guarantees real enjoyment for any wine connoisseur.


Tourism offer
The diversity of tourism offer is enriched with a network of paths and roads that enable sport activities such as jogging, cycling, horseback riding and even off road quad or jeep adventures. The nearest beaches are only 15 kilometres away so you can enjoy the sea with activities such as swimming, diving, sailing, water-sky, fishing etc. Along Buje's wine road there are renowned wine-cellars that offer quality wines such as Malvasia, Teran, Refosco, Muskat and other wine sorts. Along the olive oil roads you can taste one of the best extra-virgin olive oils in the world. The richness of wildlife – pheasants, deer, wild boars and other animals as well as a large number of protected birds, is the foundation for the development of hunting tourism.